We know how important a fulfilling social life can be and how it isn’t easy to find like-minded people, especially in big cities.

We know it can be very empowering to take a first step and start by meeting online and then try to attend a meeting in person.

We have created this list of communities that are meeting both online and offline, so it takes away the element of often overwhelming research.

You can try to make connections and find community that suits you!

If you know of any groups that would be fitting for this webpage, please send us information on our email: socialopportunities@resourcesforautism.co.uk

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  •  NAME OF THE GROUP: Adults on the Spectrum
  •  LOCATION: London 
  •  BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A group for high functioning autistic or aspergers adults who are based in London from 27-45 years old and in full-time work.
  • In person/ online meetings: In person
  •  NAME OF THE GROUP: BPOC Autism (Adults) UK Meetup Group
  •  LOCATION: London 
  •  BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This is a meetup group for BPOC (Black and People of Colour) autistic adults in the UK.
  • In person/ online meetings: In person