Who is Play Therapy For?

Play Therapy can be for anyone regardless of age, circumstances or needs. It is a creative and flexible form of therapy that offers different ways to experience yourself through the world of play. We offer an autism specialist service that provides unconditional acceptance and empathy towards each individual. Play Therapy can be particularly beneficial for children and adults who have experienced trauma or difficult early experiences.

What happens in a session and What are the Benefits?

Using a variety of modalities such as music, art, stories and puppetry; children and adults have an opportunity to express a full spectrum of emotions in a safe space. Through non-directive play and a positive relationship with their therapist, this can aid physical, emotional, and social development, including developments in self-esteem, social communication, sensory regulation and confidence.

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Need support as a parent?

Why not try our parent play coaching programme. In our filial play sessions you will be mentored on key therapeutic skills to support your child socially and emotionally. Filial Play Coaching offers an opportunity for the parent to increase connection through play and address any attachment needs for the child, all with a Certified Play Therapist. The sessions will give the parent/carer an opportunity to process and explore consistent themes within their play together. Come and explore your playful side in a fun, inclusive and supportive environment!

Interested to get to know more?

Please note sessions are run only in the West Midlands at BAYC, 581 Pershore Road, Birmingham, B29 7EL

For more information please contact Joseph Jardim-Hinds on 07817736096 or by email on jhinds@resourcesforautism.org.uk or Hugh Anderson on 020 8458 3259 or by email on hugh@resourcesforautism.org.uk