“It was great to speak with and get advice from professionals who understand Autism.  As there is still so much ignorance and lack of understanding surrounding ASD it is comforting to have that level of support, it’s not easy to come by. To attend amongst peers and families who are in the same or similar situations is very comforting, as all too often it can feel very lonely.”

We understand that being a parent/carers or sibling of someone with an autistic spectrum condition can bring real challenges. Mixed emotions, feeling the need to explain or to hide, feeling in the shadow or always having to wait all of these can be difficult. Parents/carers try hard to ensure that siblings get the time they need but it can be difficult to balance all the demands.


Siblings groups run in the West Midlands and offer a safe and understanding space for child siblings aged 8 – 16 to have fun. Siblings groups are for siblings only not for the autistic individual and they meet once a month and are led by trained an enthusiastic staff team.

There is a small charge but no one is turned away.

Groups get very booked up so please complete the referral form to get on the waiting list.

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