Join us in this empowering journey where your commitment to fitness intertwines with changing lives. Together, let’s create positive change!

Ready to make strides? See below how to start your impactful journey with Resources for Autism and Run for Charity.


Fitness with Purpose

Welcome to our new partnership with Run for Charity! Elevate your fitness journey while championing a great cause.

Why Run for Charity?

Get Fit: Strive for wellness as you run, whether a beginner or a seasoned pro.

Challenge Yourself: Set personal goals, push limits, and achieve milestones while supporting autism awareness.

Raise Awareness: Spread the word about Resources for Autism with every stride, educating and inspiring others.

Fundraise: Turn your miles into impact. Support Resources for Autism’s initiatives by fundraising for a greater cause.


How to Get Involved:

Register: Join a Run for Charity event.

Fundraise: Personalise your page and share your story. Let friends easily support your cause.

Run with Purpose: Every step supports autistic individuals.

Spread the Word: Share your journey on social media and inspire others.

Ready to make an impact? Get Started Now!

How You Can Get Involved